Terms and conditions

  1. Fee Accepted only through online mode at www.maxmusicschool.com (cash not accepted)

  2. The fee Structure of Max Music School is different For different Courses.

  3. The fee is Non-refundable either students attend the Classes or Not.

  4. The fee is Non-transferable to other students or in the next month.

  5. As per the First-month fee Refund policy of Max Music School, any student (Not a workshop student) can apply For a fee refund within 30 days only. if He/She is not satisfied with the Service provided by Max Music School.

  6. The refund amount is reflected in your bank account within 30 days after applying for the refund.

  7. After 30 Days fee Is Non-Refundable.

  8. 30 days fee refund policy is not applicable to workshop students. because they already attend workshops and understand the teaching method and Environment of Class etc.