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The First Note


The First note of your instrument that you are playing in our school makes you great musician. We all are transformers, we transfer the energy in the form of lesson, if you practice at least for you one hour in a day then no one can stop you to become a musician in five to six months.


All our teachers are highly professional. They all are working with the big stars of industry. In max music school there are different teacher for different subject.

They also concentrate on writing and composition skills of students.

Music Workshop


Our school not only teach how to play  instrument but also teaches you the basics of song writing, music composition, practice tips, performance techniques according to syllabus . All these things are covered in music workshop provided my max music school every month.

Founder’s Notes 


I remember a day when I start teaching students at their homes and today Max Music School is a very big platform to learn any music instrument online.  its very proud moment when one of our student perform live on stage and represents our school . I feel glad when students are appreciated for rocking the show .

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