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Instrument Name : Acoustic Guitar Only

Workshop Duration: Two Weeks 

Class days : Monday - Wednesday  - Friday

Class Duration : 1 Hour

Terms and Conditions

1. Every student must have her/his own instrument. 

2.This Free workshop is only for freshers.

3. Ex- students of Max Music School are not allowed to Participate in the free guitar workshop.

4. Duration of workshop is two weeks and contain six classes.

5.There will be no physical lessons provided by Max Music School,  all classes are virtual/online on "zoom cloud meetings" 

6. The classes are on Monday - Wednesday - Friday.

7. There are four to six Batches on each Class day. Student has to chose any one batch from these batches.

8. Max Music School may record all the online session of Virtual/online Guitar Classes and Workshop for security Purpose.

9. In case of any mis-conduct by any student /participant Max Music School reserves the right to allow or deny the access to virtual/online sessions without expressing any reason thereof.

10. Student/Participant is strictly not allowed to record the audio, video or take any kind of screenshot.  These sessions are intellectual property of Max Music School and it holds the right to take legal action against anyone found guilty.

11.Best efforts will be put by max music school to make your learn Musical Instrument but a lot depends on individual learning ability. Our free sessions will be for a limited period of 2 Weeks.

12.Our mode of communication will be Hindi.

13. if student want to learn more guitar and want continue classes after two weeks then he/she need to pay fee according to course.